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I am  George Karandeinos and I know I cannot predict the future, so I have settled for creating it.
And I can help you do the same.

I support committed professionals, leaders and their organizations to up their game and gain clarity. I am mostly using coaching to achieve this. However, depending on my clients' needs, I sometimes take on different roles. Sometimes, I am a coach, sometimes I am an expert, a thinking partner  or a trusted advisor. 


For the largest part of my career I have been leading improvement & transformation projects either as a project  and program manager or a business architect. 


With Clarity Of Intent, I blend the structure and analytical skills of a business architect, my innate curiosity, humor and coaching skills for a no-nonsense approach that helps my clients and their organizations to transform and grow by identifying their blind spots and by focusing their efforts on the areas that matter most.


My Story

Besides being a freelance coach, I am the principal business architect for product development in Vanderlande Industries and member of its coaches network.

For almost two decades, I worked mainly in the corporate world where I reached senior roles in companies ranging from twenty to several thousand employees. 


The three things that fuel my motivation and I have realized that they form a red thread throughout my career and life are:

  • Helping and supporting others go beyond what they think is possible.

  • Mastering complex challenges, bringing structure and clarity to chaos and at the end finding the simplicity on the other side of complexity.

  • Observing and reflecting on the interactions between people in various contexts and their dynamics.

I thrive where extensive collaboration with people across departments and across organizational levels is needed. I have led successful improvement and transformation projects and programs, optimized processes, translated strategies into business architecture designs, and I have trained and coached people through changes. On the way, I generated significant returns for the business I worked with and clarity, growth and balance for the individuals I worked with. 

"behind the scenes"

Despite my success, there have been multiple times when I felt uncertain, stuck and unmotivated, times that I lost my confidence and focus, times that I felt i was not good enough, times that I got overwhelmed by stress. These moments were caused by various factors, such as lack of clarity about my priorities, taking the wrong role, outgrowing my position, or a shift in my interests. Undetected blind spots, my inner dialogue and cultural background also played a major role. The narrative I was making to make sense of a situation was often the culprit which drained my motivation and my confidence.

I was lucky to have already early in my life and my career people who coached me through these times. Coaching provided me with space for self-reflection, a change in perspective, and insights that actually turned each of these times into my next growth leap. On the way I also learned that there is no perfect plan, messiness and discomfort is part of the deal, and it's okay. Coaching triggered tiny shifts in my perception which had a ripple effect throughout my life.

Coaching & Business Architecture

Or What does a Business Architect have to do with Coaching?

When I decided to follow a certified formal coaching training, my intention was mainly to up my coaching skills for my corporate role as a business architect. When I started engaging - as a coach this time- in formal one to one coaching relationships outside my corporate role, I found it extremely refreshing and inspiring. The openness and honesty that such a coaching relationship with its ground rules of trust, true presence and non-judgement can trigger and the transformation that this can bring is fascinating. 


Upon reflection, I came to the realization that I had been incorporating much of my experience from Business Architecture into my coaching practice. While on the surface these may appear to be two very distinct roles, I have come to see that there are some striking similarities between the two: 

Clarity of intent and alignment

As a business architect I work with experts, leaders and executives to create clarity on their strategy and goals - their intent - and align it with their operations, processes, systems, and resources.

Equivalently, as a coach I work with individuals to clarify their intent and to harmonize their objectives with their actions and routines. I support them in making shifts in their thinking, feeling and actions that contribute to their long-term goals and growth.

Creating Blueprints

As a business architect, I work with experts, leaders and executives to create blueprints for improvements. A blueprint is a roadmap for change, designed to guide the implementation of an improvement project and ensure its success. The blueprint should clearly define the problem or opportunity being addressed, the desired outcome, the key stakeholders, the resources required, and the timeline for implementation. The blueprint serves as a reference and basis for decision-making throughout the improvement process and helps to ensure that the initiative stays on track and delivers the intended results.

As a coach,  I partner with individuals to craft a personal blueprint for a specific challenge or for growth. This includes sharpening their aspirations and goals, critically evaluating where they stand and how close is the desired goal, finding their strengths and areas for improvement, and constructing a comprehensive roadmap for success. When desired, I offer support and guidance throughout the journey to stay on track and achieve their goals.

Decision Making Support
As a business architect I provide Decision making support tools to executives and leaders. I provide them with frameworks and views of the organization's structure and capabilities that help them make informed decisions that align with the organization's strategy and goals.

Equivalently, as a coach  I provide individuals with decision-making support. I equip them with frameworks and perspectives that aid in making well-informed decisions that align with their goals and when relevant with the goals of their organization. I support them in clarifying their priorities, necessary skills, and making choices that drive their long-term success.

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