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Let' s Work Together

I work closely with a limited number of one-to-one clients to provide personalized support. I understand that everyone's needs and goals are unique, which is why I offer a range of customizable programs to meet your specific requirements.

Next to this, I organize highly interactive workshops for teams. The topic is selected and the program is crafted  together with the client to make it most valuable for the team.


Take a look below to see some of the ways we can work together. These serve as a starting point, but I will work with you to design a program that is tailored to your individual needs.


Not sure if I can help you with your goal or challenge? Do the online quick assessment or directly book a free, no-obligation Discovery Session.


A Year of Growth

We partner for a full year.  I will be your thinking partner when you need me. Ideal to accelerate your growth.  


  • Two full-day deep dive sessions in an inspiring location

  • Up to 16 sessions (45-90 min)

  • Continuous support when needed with short calls/ email/ texts on a weekly basis.


Thinking Partnership

You want to work on a particular challenge or development point. We will partner for a period of 12 weeks.


  • up to 7 sessions  (45-90min)

  • up to 2 quick check in calls

  • unlimited email support

Image by Diego PH

Pick My Brain

Sometimes one conversation is what it takes to get clarity and move on.

Single coaching session (up to 90min)

Short follow up call

Dancing Hands

Team workshop

A workshop on a topic that matters to your team. Starting with a conversation, we identify possible topics that will be valuable for your team. Following this, I prepare a proposed program and refine it together. The workshop itself is typically interactive and involves experiential learning​

Exploring conversation, Program design (if needed in collaboration)

Workshop & Debriefing conversation

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