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You have already a track record of success. You enjoy learning and you keep doing it. You keep growing and you enjoy it. In principle you are doing fine!

You think you should be content, however you feel that something is off, or something missing, or something bigger is out there. The longer you stay where you are, your focus, your motivation and your enthusiasm is fading. On one hand you feel you could achieve so much more, and at the same time you doubt yourself. 


Something is holding you back. Although you have a strong analytical thinking, you are a problem-solver and you have a bias for action,  you lack clarity and don't know where to start this time. You find it hard to find and to make your next step. 

What helped you succeed in the past is not taking you further ahead anymore. 

You start doubting, you wonder whether you are getting in over your head, whether you get too ambitious... You are not.

And you are not alone. And you are in the right place! I 've got your back


Together we can build a thinking partnership that will give you clarity and enable you to take action. As your thinking partner I will create space for self-reflection, a place of trust and safety where you will be able to be brutally honest with yourself. 

I will be the sharp observer seeing and hearing you, believing in you and cheering you. I will not be judging but I will be challenging you so that you can identify what evades you.

Do you want to experience how insightful and empowering such a partnership can be? Get in contact

Your team

You are manager or leader of a team of professionals with technical or engineering backgrounds. You have team members who are looking to grow and improve their performance, but need an extra push. Or perhaps you have team members who have hit a roadblock and require support to overcome it.


As a manager, you can only do so much on your own. You are considering hiring a coach to support your team, but you're hesitant because you know your team may be skeptical of a coach who doesn't have a technical or engineering background. You understand that a coach doesn't need to be an expert in the same field, but you also recognize the value of a common language and background in building rapport and trust.

If this situation sounds familiar, I can help. I am a coach with experience in senior roles in technology companies, I have a strong affinity with IT, R&D, and Supply Chain topics, as well as an engineering background. I am uniquely positioned to understand the challenges faced by your team. I can help your team members overcome obstacles, reach their full potential, and achieve success.

If you recognize yourself or your team in this scenario, let's talk. 

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