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I am pleased to announce that is in final stages of development. Because things change on daily basis, all accounts are locked for...

Alexander J. Honnold (born August 17, 1985) is an American big wall free solo climber. He has broken a number of speed records, most notably including the only known free solo climb of the Yosemite Triple crown, an 18 hour 50 minute link up of Mt...



He streaked through the sport like a comet, an other-worldly superstar whose brilliance as a driver was matched by a dazzling intellect and coruscating charisma that illuminated Formula One racing as never before. No one tried...

How to use NLP to Cure Phobias and Fear of Flying

NLP is great at curing phobia, simply because phobias originate from your mind and NLP allows you to master your mind. In this easy guide to using NLP to cure phobia, we will use the common fear...

How To Tell if Someone is Lying


 The subject of lying, or more specifically, how to tell if someone is lying, is something that I can write a lot about. Being both an accomplished liar and lie detector is something a lot of people want to...

Everyone I've ever met who has permanently quit smoking has done so with NLP and/or hypnosis. Most chemical methods to stop smoking simply help you resist the strong temptation to light up another cigarette. Hypnosis / NLP works much better...

Challenges is what makes life interesting, overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

It is always now. Stay in the moment and be happy!


It is always now. Stay in the moment and be happy!

Sam Harris's wonderful thoughts about living in the moment. If you want to consider reality in a different, fresh way, this is something for you. Sam's words resound in my head strongly. It is amazing how quickly we tend to forget what life is all about. It's good to have people like Sam who constantly remind us, how precious our life is.
















Here's another, much more logical contemplation of staying in the moment, just in case Sam Harris was not persuading enough. 



When are humans the happiest? To find an answer for this question, Matt Killingsworth built an app called “Track Your Happiness” that allows people to report their feelings in a real time. One of the surprising results states that we’re often the happiest when we’re lost in the moment. That means that the more our mind wanders, the less happy we can be. More than anything else, people want to gain happiness. The reason we want a big house, a new car, or a good job is that on a deeper level we expect these things to bring us happiness. The paradox of happiness is that even though the conditions of our lives have improved dramatically over the last 50 years, we aren't any happier. The big question is: What are the real causes of happiness? Part of the answer can be found in what some studies have discovered. Namely that happiness has a lot to do with the contents of our moment to moment experiences. When our minds wander, we tend to think about unpleasant things: worries, anxieties, and regrets. This makes us unhappy. Or could it be that our unhappiness causes our minds to wander? The fact is that unhappiness is correlated to mind wandering.







First video is originally a part of Sam's lecture titled "Death And The Present Moment" Fantastic lecture, worth watching. Perhaps it will make you look at certain things in a different way.                                         























Matt Killingsworth - Wan't to be happier? Stay in the moment!

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